Web Maintenance

We design 3 plans for a montly free-hassle for our clients, no contracts, no commitments, and we do all the web updates you need for a small fee, take a look our plans and see which one can apply for your business

Websites need updates , for seo purposes, marketing goals, gallery updates or social media news. Maintain a web designer in house could be costly and most times innecesary once the web site is fully develop.
Having a montly plan will allow you to keep your websites update and ready to create new content for social media, create promotions or sales.
We offer you a plan in a montly basis, no contracts, no commitments, hassle free and most important web always looking good.
Feel free to contact us, and ask us for any of our web plans, oru email is info@561webdesign.com or Support@clinkweb.com our phone number is : 305-926-2946 or 561-771-9229

This is what we can do
  • Update Text
  • Update graphics
  • Update gallery picture
  • Update slide or banners
  • Update navigation Menu
  • Create new banners
  • Create new html pages
  • Update social media content etc

Maintenance plans

Junior Plan

Senior Plan

Master Plan

49.99/Month 69.99/Month 129.99/Month
Request text update
Request graphic update
Update Gallery Picture 1 request 2 request
Update Slide or Banner
Update Navigation Menu
Create Banner( promo social Media) 1 banner or graphic 2 banner
Create Slide
Create HTML page 1 page 2 pages
Ready to start your web project?

Ready or not you know you have to start pretty soon, starting a web project can feel complicated and that's why we are here, to make this whole process easier and less complicated, get a pen write your main ideas and contact us, we'll ask you as many questions we need to get in the core, for the rest we have a questionary which will help us to understand better your audience, goals and more about your company ( Its not requiered to fill out all the questions ) to download the PDF please click hereNote : 561webdesign.com is affiliated with Clinkweb Studios. Our phone number is : 305-926-2946 or 855-254-6593